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tment.The epicenter, with a depth of 10 km, was ▓monitored at 28.43 degrees north latitude and 104.77 degrees east longitude, according to the Chi▓na Earthquake Networks Center (CENC).More than 40 rescuers have been dispatched to Yuc▓hi Village of Gon

gquan Town, located at the epicenter. So far, no casualties have been reported in the village. A house in the village collapsed and a village road was disrupted in the quake, local authorities said.Du Fang, director of the Sichuan provincial earthquake forecast and research center, said that the quake was an after-shock of the 6.0-magnitude quake that hit Gongxian and neighboring Changning counties▓ on Monday evening.A total of 147 after-shocks above 2.0 magnitude ▓had been recorded as of Saturday after Monday's quak▓e, including three with a magnitude between 5.0 and 5.9, according to the Sichuan Earthquake Administration.Xinhua reporters in Gongxian saw the rain was getting heavier.Ke Yong, a publicity official▓ of Gongxian, said strong tremors were felt in the seat of the county government, and authorities were investigating casualties and property damage.The strong after-shock may aggravate the damage from the previous quake, Ke said.Yang

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U, June 23 -- Sixt een people were in jured as of 0:30 a.m . Sunday a fter a 5.4-mag nitude earthquake rattled Gongxian County of Yibin C ity in south▓we st China's Sichuan Province, at 10 :29 p.m. Satur day (Beijing Time), local au thorities sai▓d .The injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment, according t o Gongxian's publi city depar 夹江县wap 冀州市5G 郓城县5G 泗阳县5G 建湖县5G 牡丹江市wap 正蓝旗wap 隆昌县wap 沾化县wap 昌江黎族自治县5G 武清区wap 介休市5G 海门市wap 武安市wap 防城港市wap 乌拉特中旗5G 沁阳市5G 遂川县wap 大厂回族自治县wap 东安县wap 冰雪之城传奇私服打金攻略 传奇私服最新免费外挂 刀塔传奇私服安卓版 传奇私服挂机打怪脚本 传奇私服英雄合击版本 死神版单职业传奇私服 单机传奇私服怎么架设 迷失单职业传奇私服网 新开但职业传奇私服 变态热血传奇私服网站新开网